Laminated glass
Safety glass

One or more plastic PVB interlayers bonding together two or more glass sheets is what it is called laminated glass. The glass as well as the interlayer is available in a number of thicknesses which offer different levels of protection. In the event of glass impact these interlayers hold the pieces in place so that shards will not fall. The interlayer also absorbs impact energy, reducing the risk from burglars penetrating the panel or slowing their attempt to break the glass, and thus considered as a safety glass. In addition laminated glass has the benefit of providing a reduced Ultra-violet radiation by up to 99%. Further to the conventional laminated, our company can provide Sound Control laminated glass as it is explained below.

Noise Reduction Glass

Noise reduction or Acoustic or Sound Control glass is used in buildings where noise is an unavoidable hazard, deriving from busy areas, motorways, public transport etc. It can also be used in internal spaces where there is a need for sound insulation like rooms, offices and other working areas. This type of glass consists of two or more glass panes bonded together with an acoustic interlayer which absorbs the tension of the sound as it passes through the glass.

(Tempered) Glass

With this method the glass is heated to approximately 648⁰C and then forced to a cooling process in order to create surface and edge compression making it four to five times stronger than untreated glass. Tempered glass can be considered also as a ‘safety glass’ since when it is broken the fragments are very small, avoiding serious injuries. The use of Tempered glass is determined by building regulations in the cases for instance of large building projects in order to comply with safety and strength parameters. For these reasons it is considered suitable for other applications such as working surfaces, showcases, furniture, refrigerator racks, professional refrigerator glazing etc.

Deco glass

Decorative glass makes the potential for color to be used widely in a number of modern design interior applications as for example in offices, commercial spaces, hotels, homes, coexisting harmoniously with wood, metal, stone and other materials. With the availability of a variety of colors, wall coverings and wall partitions, doors, kitchens, furniture, table tops, shower wall panels are some examples of the possibilities colored glass may be used.

Glass accessories

Our Company can supply a variety of glass accessories for doors, railings, shelving units including handles, locks (manual and electronic), hinges, clamps, wall brackets etc.